StarCrash!! with Jeff

A magical space adventure

What’s “StarCrash!! with Jeff?”

It’s a magical-warrior sci-fi comedy comic strip by Joi Massat. Updates daily!

Has nothing to do with the schlocky movie of the almost-same name. (Which doesn’t have Jeff in it.)

Toddlers Beware! This Cutesy Comic is Rated PG-13

Intercosmic politics, not to mention our heroes, might be morally suspect.

Also, people say “fuck” sometimes. Not yet. But it’s coming. Just wait for it.



Mysterious creature in the shape of a man. What is Jeff planning? (he)

Likes: The startling power of intellect
Dislikes: Potatoes in milk


The hero of the story, I guess? (she/they)

Likes: Law and order
Dislikes: Cabbage


Of a calm and hardy nature. Transforms into Lover Behenia the Jetter Pink. (she)

Likes: Love, life, and friendship
Dislikes: Rabbits (they bite)


A steadfast stunner. Transforms into Law Starshot the Jetter Blue. (they)

Likes: Illusions of freedom
Dislikes: Concept of death

Mr. Tanner

Not a very good teacher. (he)

Likes: Algebra more than English
Dislikes: Worms. Like, do they have souls???